tufails (tufails) wrote,

Check the details under the cut!

I will be claiming the Dragonite and the Latias plush for $30 and will definitely go higher to fill any gaps we need.

Rules are as usual: NO sniping, and no backing out of bids. Sniping is any bid placed within the last 5 minutes. I will extend by 5 minutes if this happens til bidding subsides. Neg. feedback will be left for any back outs, NO QUESTIONS. Think before you bid, please!

All small plush will start at $5, with DX Pokedolls starting at $15. Figures start at $1 a piece.

From the seller:
"Most of the plush are in new or like new shape; they have been gently cared for by myself while they were part of my collection. Some have minor imperfections from their previous owners.

The figures on the other hand are quite beaten up;they were previously owned by kids so many have scuffs, paintrubs,dings and scratches.They'd be great candidates for"shiny" repaints if you're the crafty type!

All items currently reside in a non-smoking home, I do however; keep cats and dogs so please be aware of this fact. I keep my collections away from the animals but sometimes stray hair can get in."



These will take a long time to get threads up for! Please be patient and only bid in thread up already.

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