tufails (tufails) wrote,

Jirachi lot for sale

I really need to get rid of my Jirachi stuff, so I have a lot compiled! All items are mint unless specified; however, no plush have hang tags.
It includes: the TOMY recall plush, a small and terribly hard to find magnet plush, the keychain plush (without keychain, and the tails have separated), pez dispenser, clearfile, pokedex charm, clear kid, a charm with a "Jirachi" strap (small paint rub on face ) and a metal bell keychain.
I am asking $60 for the lot, and am 100% ok with people GAing it. I will also trade for custom plush and/or merch of reuniclus I may have missed.

Click the picture to go to my journal where I have bigger and more detailed pictures.


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