January 4th, 2010


Figures/etc Sales

+ I'm currently only going to accept paypal, but will ship worldwide!

+ Please send all payments to ThisUsernameFails @ gmail.com
+ I’m going to set my shipping days to THURSDAYS, but if Thursday passes and I have enough other orders and whatnot, I’ll try and scoot over.
+ Prices do not include shipping, and I ship from the US. Let me know if you want insurance or anything, if not, once it leaves my hands, I can't help you!
+ I will hold for 24 hours
+ If you have any questions at all about anything I have, please ask! I’ll note if there are any outstanding things wrong with the condition, but if you want me to nitpick, I really don’t mind.
+My figures have only been used for displaying and collecting, so most if not all are in mint or near-mint condition. Any problems will be noted.

With a lot of these, I'm unsure what to price/am really trying to get rid of these, so offers are more than welcome! I am interested in plush customs right now, and might be willing to do full/partial trades. All skill levels are encouraged to inquire, so newbies, don't devalue yourselves <3
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